Do You Want a Smart Garage Door?

One of the most significant upgrades a customer can get for his existing garage door is a Smart garage door opener. Almost any existing garage door can be retrofitted to be Smart, and the driver can say goodbye to the old clicker forever.  


There are a few requirements that should be in place before a garage door can be converted. The home will need the internet,  a sensor, and a cell phone. Once these things are in place, here are some of the capabilities of the new Smart garage door:


One of the worst things about an automatic garage door is the security aspect of them. If a homeowner leaves the door unlocked, no one will likely notice unless they happen to try the knob. However, it’s an enormous security risk if the garage door is left open. It is easy to do because it works with the touch of a button. Even when something triggers the electronic eye and causes the door bounce back up as it’s closing, the whole neighborhood knows–but the homeowner, who has backed out and driven away, may not. 


The seriousness of this wasn’t lost on a resident recently when she went downstairs one morning because she heard a noise and found two members of the police department standing in her kitchen. Her garage door had been left open for a few days, and the neighbors, distressed because they were concerned something had happened to her, called the police for a welfare check. Something triggered the electronic eye, or she forgot to shut it.


Once an automatic garage door is converted to a Smart device, not only will the app tell the homeowner if the door is open or closed, but will also notify him when the garage door is in use. We can see this being a handy tool when niggling anxiety kicks in, or when our teen promises that he had the family car home by midnight. 

Also, the homeowner can open and close the door from anywhere from a cell phone. This allows the homeowner the means to let people into their garage, which can then be used to access the house. This same capability will allow delivery people access, making home deliveries secure.


There is an additional device that provides monitoring, consisting of a security camera with night vision that allows the homeowner to see what is happening in the garage. The same company that provides the camera also provides a tracking version; a homeowner can see if the water heater is leaking or watch a delivery person in real-time to make sure they don’t do anything more nefarious than drop off the package.

A Smart garage door offers so many advantages and the peace of mind it offers makes most homeowners wonder how they ever lived without one once it’s installed. If you want to know if a Smart garage door opener is right for you, or want to make your garage door Smart, give us a call! We will help you discover your options.

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